Mapez - Balloon Fun DVD

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Mauro Pezzola (Mapez), Magician & illusionist and children’s magician, loves to enhance his kid...meer
Productinformatie "Mapez - Balloon Fun DVD"
Mauro Pezzola (Mapez), Magician & illusionist and children’s magician, loves to enhance his kid shows with balloon art, in other words with the art of creating animals or objects simply by twisting and manipulating balloons.
In this DVD Mapez will take you by hand and accompany you in the fantastic world of balloon sculptures: welcome to Balloon Fun!
Thanks to this complete DVD course you will be able to amaze your friends, liven any party, make the kids go crazy… simply said you will be the star!
In the DVD Mapez explains the following figures: 
1- Bee
2- Dog
3- Mouse
4- Swan
5- Pacifier
6- Hat with flower
7- Parrot
8- Laser gun
9- Tulip
10- Sword 1
11- Sword 2
12- Puffer fish
13- Heart with scepter
14- Turban
15- Flower
16- Snail
17- Umbrella
18- Viking hat
19- Caterpillar
20- Heart with monkeys
21- Rose
22- Butterfly
23- Heart with doves
24- Spider
25- Monkey on palm tree
• In the DVD you will also find two bonuses and the detailed explanation of the various twists needed.
• The DVD is in Italian and English (the video allows even those who do not speak these languages to easily understand the explanations). Thanks to the easy and clear instructions that are on the DVD, you will be able to learn 25 sculptures + 2 bonus sculptures in the comfort of your own home.
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