Bicycle - Tomb of Cthulhu

Bicycle - Tomb of Cthulhu
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A new deck designed by 4PM Designs on the famous Cthulhu theme and successor of
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A new deck designed by 4PM Designs on the famous Cthulhu theme and successor of Bicycle Necronomicon Deck.
Based on the legendary old god Cthulhu, Tomb of Cthulhu is inspired by the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Originally intended to be the first deck in the Mythos series, Tomb of Cthulhu is a perfect match for those who took the journey and got their hands on Mythos: Necronomicon. 
Designed in stone: these fantastic cards are depicted in ancient rubble that has kept the great Cthulhu secret for centuries. Unlock the mystery and awaken the great old one himself by opening... the Tomb of Cthulhu.
Printed by USPCC - 100% Custom Deck - Custom Seal - Air-Cushion Finish
• Limited Print Run of 2500 decks.
• The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.
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