Bicycle - Leaf Back - Green

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Originally when we approached the USPCC with this idea we were turned down. As they are
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Originally when we approached the USPCC with this idea we were turned down. As they are now coming up with more strict limitations on  their designs. However, after some more convincing, we were given a special permission to move forward with our idea.
The Original Bicycle Leaf back is currently out of stock with the USPCC with no plans for re-print.
The Leaf Back Decks are perfect for stocking stuffers, holiday gatherings, or family game nights with cocoa and a blazing fireplace.
The Leaf Back design was originally released in 1947, making these cards historic as well as holiday-appropriate. The intricate leaf pattern comes in red or green, with metallic gold accents, while the fronts retain the classic four-color design.
The Leaf Back Decks are printed on quality Bicycle® card stock with patented Air-Cushion™ finish, and features original art on the backs. These decks are made in the USA at the United States Playing Card Company.
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