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Wenn du einen Ring durch Glas werfen könntest... würde es so aussehen! "Ring magic has to be...plus
Informations sur le produit "Butterfly Ring by Barbu Nitelea"

Wenn du einen Ring durch Glas werfen könntest... würde es so aussehen!

"Ring magic has to be one of the most organic magic, and to see it develop further with new ideas is just refreshing." 
- Patrick Kun
"Looks like someone has been busy... Lots of good looking stuff here!" 
- Zach Heath 
"Crazy great sh*t!!!" 
- De'vo vom Schattenreich 

Willkommen im Universum von Butterfly Ring by Barbu Nitelea, präsentiert von barbumagic. In diesem Video werden Sie mehrere erweiterte Ring Magie-Effekte lernen, mit sowohl improvisierten und gimmicked Techniken.

Push - Pull Sequence - Ring-through-finger goes to the next level! This sequence consists of the following moves:

  • PUSH (reverse of Patrick Kun's Reflex - ring through finger)- PULL, CLOSED PUSH, TRANSFER.

TELEPORT - With a wave of the hand, the ring looks like it teleports from one finger to another. 

MELT - The ring looks like it melts through the finger, under the cover of the hand. 

SLINKY Vanish - Very visual retention vanish. 

LIFESAVER Vanish - Dirty method for a super-clean vanish. 


BALANCE - Clean, angle-proof way to balance a ring on the finger; you can also turn your hand horizontally - the ring looks like it's stuck to the tip of the finger. 

FLOAT - Great float of a ring. Can also be used also as a balance of the ring on a finger. You can then transfer the ring to another finger from the other hand. 

OTT Vanish/Change - Ring vanishes with a wave of the hand; the ring can also reappear with another wave of the hand. 

UG Vanish/Change - You display a ring in the middle of the hand and you close your fingers around it. When you open your hand, the ring is gone. 

CATCH - Inspired by Garrett Thomas' "The Ring Thing", but using a different method. 

BR THROUGH WINDOW - A visual, straightforward illusion of throwing a ring through glass. 

BR THROUGH GLASS + variation - One of the most visual object-through-glass effects. 

BR THROUGH TABLE + variation - Ring can travel, down or up, through a glass table. 

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