Bicycle Illusionist Deck Limited Edition (Dark)

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Illusionist Bicycle Playing Cards - Dark Edition   Magicians are Illusionists, and we wanted... altro
Informazione prodotto "Bicycle Illusionist Deck Limited Edition (Dark)"

Illusionist Bicycle Playing Cards - Dark Edition


Magicians are Illusionists, and we wanted a deck to actually feature Illusionists. We tried to create a modern interpretation of an Illusionist for the deck that would stand the test of time for our Inaugural deck. This is a 100% custom designed deck, manufactured and printed by USPCC.
Exclusive: This is a Limited Edition set of our Illusionist deck. Only 2,500 or fewer Limited Edition decks will ever be printed. This Limited First Edition deck is marked by the word “First” on the actual tuck case as you would see in a book that prints its first edition. We will never print First Edition decks again. We wanted to add this touch for enthusiasts, collectors, cardists, and of course illusionists.
• Designed by artist Megan Wyreweden.
• Inspired by magicians, illusionists, and cardists.
• 56 cards including a full 52 card deck, plus 2 Jokers, a LUX First Edition ad card, and a double backed card.
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