30 Tricks & Tips-Sleight of Hand

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30 Tricks & Tips-Sleight of Hand Incredibel Sleight of Hand you can master can now be yours... altro
Informazione prodotto "30 Tricks & Tips-Sleight of Hand"

30 Tricks & Tips-Sleight of Hand

Incredibel Sleight of Hand you can master can now be yours on this "30 Tricks" DVD. You will learn step-by-step from a professional magic instructor. Add over 30 Tricks & Tips performing Sleight of Hand to your arsenal!

Core Sleights
Eddy Ray´s Table Side Change
Adaptation of Table Side Change
Flip Stick Move
French Drop
Using The French Drop
Palming a Card
Tricks Using Palmed Card

Coin Sleights
Palming Techniques:
Finger Palm
Classic Palm
Thumb Clip
Downs Palm

Vanishing Techniques:
Toss Vanish
Take Vanish
Take Vanish Bonus

Appearing Techniques:
Production from Downs Palm
Thumb Palm Switch

Card Sleights:
Palming Techniques:
Back Palm
Front Palm

Vanishing  A Card
Using Back Palm:
Toss Vanish with Back Palm
Pivot Move

Spongeball Sleights:
Palming Techniques:
Finger Palm
Thumb Palm
Back Palm
Classic Palm

Other Sleights
Chink & Chink
Two In Hand, One In Pocket
Imprumptu Coin Routine
Card Through Handkerchief
Cards from the Mouth

& Bonus Perfomances with Spectators. 

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