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The Touch by Robbie Moreland bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
The Vault - The Touch by Robbie Moreland |...
There are only a handful of magicians in the world whose magic is truly extraordinary -- Robbie Moreland is amongst those rare few. Elegant, astounding and effortless. Robbie embodies everything that magic should be and in this download,...
29,95 € *
Zaubertrick Airy by Ilya Melyukhin bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
The Vault - Airy by Ilya Melyukhin | Download
A brand new super visual vanish gimmick! Turn a playing card into a bill or a piece of paper with a message on it...or simply just make the card disappear! With the same gimmick you can also make a small piece of the card disappear! Easy...
20,00 € *
Karrell Fox bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
The Vault - Karrell Fox The Legend | VIDEO...
Popularly known as "The King of Korn," Karrell Fox was truly one of magic's singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy, mentalism, children's entertaining, trade show...
19,90 € *
Die Feuer-Matrix-Routine by Patricio Teran bei Zaubershop Fernchdrop
Die Feuer-Matrix-Routine by Patricio Teran |...
Nach Jahren des Studiums von Matrix-Routinen , der verschiedensten Formen und Stilen, inspiriert von Vanni Vossis Matrix-Routine beschloss Patricio, den Plot der Fire-Matrix-Routine mit seinen eigenen Handhabungen und Anwendungen...
24,95 € *
THR-U by Matt Pilcher jetzt bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
THR-U by Matt Pilcher | VIDEO DOWNLOAD
Effect - You pass a coin from your hand into a closed tic-tac box in an INSTANT! THEN you take a second tic-tac box and again in an INSTANT you pass the coin from the first box to the second. Easy to do and extremely VISUAL! Passing a...
9,95 € *
Freak Hole by RN Magic bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Freak Hole by RN Magic | VIDEO DOWNLOAD
Freak Hole is a visual moving hole effect on a signed playing card. Have your spectator select any card and SIGN it. You then punch a HOLE so it leaves their card with a real hole. Put it on top of the deck. Flick the hole with your...
9,95 € *
Bandistry by Joe Rindfleisch bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Bandistry by Joe Rindfleisch | VIDEO DOWNLOAD
Create 3D designs and much more with rubber bands. Bandistry is the first item to be released from the magic vault! Joe Rindfleisch is literally "stretching" the boundaries of what is possible with rubber bands! Using only two rubber...
12,95 € *
PaC Stack by Paul Carnazzo bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
PaC Stack by Paul Carnazzo | VIDEO DOWNLOAD
The latest in Mental Voyage's Arts & Crafts series! PaC Stack is an innocent-looking, easy-to-make, gimmicked stack of cards. PaC Stack can be used to peek at words or images in a very deceptive fashion. It can also be used as an Out to...
16,90 € *
Refill by Ezra Meijer jetzt bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop downloaden
Refill by Ezra Meijer | VIDEO DOWNLOAD
Ezra Meijer worked for more than 3 years on an effect that enables you to refill a pen in an incredibly visual manner, and in the easiest way possible. Imagine showing your spectator an empty, see-through plastic pen. You turn the pen...
7,90 € *
ChangeLand by Mauro Brancato Merlino video DOWNLOAD jetzt bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
ChangeLand by Mauro Brancato Merlino | VIDEO...
Wow! Another beautiful visual effect. A card's color changes instantly, impossibly! The spectator will be amazed by this sudden change. You are in total control of the change. This Video Download teaches you how to create this magical...
7,90 € *
Bound Control Alex Loschilov bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Bound Control by Alex Loschilov | Download
"This shouldn't be possible. After watching this multiple times I still have no idea how this works." - Orbit Brown "A beautiful, versatile, and deceiving technique." - John Gustafaro From the creator of Ascension comes a clean natural...
6,90 € *
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