Tenyo - Hyper Esp Card | Zaubertrick

Tenyo - Hyper Esp Card | Zaubertrick
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You can do a perfect Second Sight act while standing at a distance from the table. Many... mehr
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You can do a perfect Second Sight act while standing at a distance from the table. Many different effects are possible in addition to Second Sight, like mindreading and foretelling the future with the special cards used to test Extra Sensory Perception which have five different symbols. After you learn the special secret of these ESP cards, you’ll be able to perform six piece of mental magic.
What are ESP Cards?
ESP Cards are used to conduct experiments to measure Extra Sensory Perception. These cards are made up of five symbols: Circle, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Star. Each symbol is printed on five cards, so there are a total of 25 cards in an ESP deck.
Pereptual psychologist Dr. Karl Zener and parapsychologist Dr. J.B. Rhine created these cards in the early 1930s for their experimentes in trying to detect a sixth sense. Sometimes ESP Cards are called “Zener Cards”. In late 1930, once ESP Cards were sold to the public, many mentalist and magicians became fascinated by theme because of the opportunities they provided for the new tricks.
Since then, many magicians have created numerous different mysteries using ESP Cards. The original ESP Cards were not gimmicked because they were devised solely for scientific experiments. The deck of ESP Cards provided with this trick has a special secret that allows you to read them without looking at the faces even if you’re standing some distance away.
This kind of secret has been used on the backs of many different playing cards since the 1800s, first by gamblers and later by magicians. On the cards provided here, it is impossible for anyone to see anything suspicious when looking at them unless they know the secret.
In addition to the unique qualities inherent in the deck, tricks will be described using special gimmicked cards that are also included. 
Please practice these six tricks well so that the secret remains hidden from the audience and they really belive that you can read minds.
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