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Quick Tricks | DVD
Quick Tricks | DVD
QUICK TRICKS with Ben Salinas Perhaps the most common demand of any magician is "show me a trick." However, the next time you are asked you may not have a single trick with you. It's moments like these that call for Quick Tricks . The...
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Close Up 21
Close Up 21 DVD
Close Up 21 DVD On this instructional DVD you will learn 21 amazing close-up tricks that you can do anywhere, anytime. From using everyday objects such as coins and rubberbands to astonishing card feats, you will get it all! The...
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Find the Queen by Vincenzo Di Fatta
Find the Queen by Vincenzo Di Fatta
Find the Queen by Vincenzo Di Fatta The magician says he would like to do an experiment in order to test the spectator's memory. He shows four Queens and puts them one at a time face down on the table. The spectators must try and find...
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Das Nussschalen-Spiel - Three Shell Game | Zaubertrick
Das Nussschalen-Spiel - Three Shell Game |...
Nussschalen-Spiel Jeder hat irgendwann von dem alten "Three Sheel Game", dem Nussschalenspiel gehört. Dies ist ein sehr altes (Falsch) Spiel, in dem der Zuschauer versucht, die Position der Erbse unter einer Schale zu folgen, aber er...
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