Tally Ho Gaff Deck

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A majority of the custom gaffs that people requested me to make over the 2nd half of 2013 were... altro
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A majority of the custom gaffs that people requested me to make over the 2nd half of 2013 were in Tally-Ho backs. I did some scouring around online, and found that factory-printed Tally-Ho gaffs are in very short supply. I know Tallies are not as popular as Bikes in general use, but I felt like common gaffs such as double-backers and blank facers should be easily available in all of the main Tally-Ho designs.

And so, in early 2014 came the creation of the Tally-Ho Gaff Assortment Deck! This deck has red/red double backers, blue/blue, red/blue, and more.  Fan Back and Circle Back are all represented in the lineup.  There are even double backers with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal color splits, as well as a mix of double backers with a Tally-Ho back on one side and a Bicycle back on the other. I have even included blank-faced Tally-Ho cards which can be customized with your own writing or printing. The possibilities are endless! 56 gaff cards in all – No ad cards or other BS.

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