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"Scotch and Soda" is hands down the best coin trick you can do! This trick needs very little... altro
Informazione prodotto "Professional Scotch and Soda | Zaubertrick"

"Scotch and Soda" is hands down the best coin trick you can do! This trick needs very little sleight of hand but will stun your audience.

Ben Salinas will perform and teach you step-by-step this classic trick, plus other tricks to do with your scotch and soda set. He will also include an additional trick that has never been seen in print before as an added bonus! In addition to all of that, you will receive a variety of coin tricks that you can do with regular coins! This classic trick in magic is a must have! 

List of tricks: Basic Routine 
The Set Up 
Which Hand 
Elevator Coin 
Thru the Table 
Exchange Rate 
Ben's Scotch and Soda 

Bonus Material- 
Finger Palm 
Finger Palm Vanish 
French Drop 
Spider Vanish 
One Coin Routine 
2 in the Hand, 1 in the Pocket Croakies were created for active and sports minded people of all ages. Just slide them on and you are ready to go!

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