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Wasser aus Indien die Lota Vase bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Wasser aus Indien Lota Vase DELUXE | Zaubertrick
Wasser aus Indien bzw. die Lota Vase ist seit Kalanag ( Helmut Ewald Schreiber) ein bekannter und vielseitig einsetzbarer Zaubertrick für die Bühne! Mit Wasser aus Indien der Lota Vase haben Sie einen Running Gag im Programm, der Ihr...
£ 32.03 *
Chinese Water Bowl - Wasser aus dem Nichts bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Chinese Water Bowls - Wasser aus dem Nichts
The magician is seen holding two bowls. He slightly shakes them and water splashes out. He drinks the full water of one. He then pours out all the water of the other one into the empty bowl. He pours back the water into the precious...
£ 12.93 *
Zaubertrick Wasserzeitung bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Wasserzeitung - Liquid in the newspaper -...
A newspaper is opened and shown to the audience. The magician folds the newspaper and proceeds to pour a glass of water into it. Then the newspaper is unfolded and opened and even turned upside down. The water has apparently vanished...
£ 8.59 *
Water From Above - Water Bowls - Aluminum
Water From Above - Water Bowls - Aluminum |...
„ Water from Above “ (Wasser von oben) ist ein Klassiker und ein absoluter Evergreen! Diese qualitativ hochwertigen Wasserschalen sind hervorragend verarbeitet. Doch nun zur Vorführung: Der Zauberer hält zwei Wasserschüssel in der Hand....
£ 11.20 *
Feuer Wasser Tücher Dose - Can Brass
Feuer Wasser Tücher Dose - Can Brass
The magician shows a can with a lid on. He removes the lid and drops in a lit match so that fire shoots out. He immediately covers the can with a lid putting off the fire. After a few moments the lid is removed, and the tube is found to...
£ 21.66 *
Slush Powder bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Super Slush Powder
Slush powder is a very useful magic accessory that allows to perform stunning effects. In fact, if you add to a glass of water a spoonful of this powder, you will see the water instantly become solid! An ideal combination is, for...
Content 57 Gramm (£ 135.44 * / 1000 Gramm)
£ 7.72 *
Refill liquid for Lynx bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Refill liquid for Lynx Smoke by Lynx Magic
Here is the ideal refill liquid to make your "Lynx Smoke" device work perfectly with beautiful puffs of smoke. • This small bottle will allow you many many performances.
£ 9.46 *