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Looking for magic tricks? The tricks we make here are the closest thing to real magic. Discover our easy card tricks and complete courses in magic for all levels.

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Mentally HYPnosis bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Mentally HYPnosis
Mentally HYPnosis An introduction to mentalism and hypnosis with Paul Carpenter and he will get you started by guiding you through the basics of mentalism and hypnosis and give you full presentations! Along the way he gives you all the...
£ 21.68 *
Linking Rings (DVD and 4 Ring Set) by Shoot Ogawa
Linking Rings (DVD and 4 Ring Set) by Shoot Ogawa
Linking Rings (DVD and 4 Ring Set) by Shoot Ogawa *Four Chrome Rings,*Magic Rope,*Illustrated Instructions,*Instructional DVD Linking Rings with instructional DVD, starring The Ringmaster himself, Shoot Ogawa . The Rings are one of the...
£ 21.68 *
Three Shell Game Falschspiel bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Street Monte - Three Shell Game DVD...
LISTEN UP SUCKER! This is one of the oldest cons in American hintory. Sal Piacente (the HITMAN of Magic) stars in this in-your-face DVD ond the THREE SHELL GAMER. You´ll learn the game, the moves and the psychology behind one of Magic´s...
£ 26.03 *
professional Scotch and Soda bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Professional Scotch and Soda | Zaubertrick
"Scotch and Soda" is hands down the best coin trick you can do! This trick needs very little sleight of hand but will stun your audience. Ben Salinas will perform and teach you step-by-step this classic trick, plus other tricks to do...
£ 30.37 *
Ultimate Gaff Bicycle Deck - Bulk Version bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Ultimate Gaff Bicycle Deck - Bulk | Zauberzubehör
Mit dem Ultimate Gaff Bicycle Deck in der Bulk Version erhalten Sie eine Explosion an Möglichkeiten, Ihre "Karten-Trick-Welt" zu erweitern. Die Anzahl der Karteneffekte, die mit diesen speziell gedruckten Spielkarten möglich sind, sind...
£ 30.37 *
Double Features - Three Shell Game & Three Card Monte | Nussschalenspiel
Double Features - Three Shell Game & Three Card...
Lerne jetzt von einem der Besten! Lerne jetzt die „ Drei Karten Monte “ und das Nussschalenspiel . Sehe Sal Piacente, einem professionellen Starßenzauberer über die Schultern. Er zeigt Dir die Feinheiten und Gemeinheiten der Drei Karten...
£ 34.71 *
Bicycle ESP Test Deck with Teaching DVD
Bicycle ESP Test Deck with Teaching DVD
Bicycle ESP Test Deck with Teaching DVD Willkommen bei EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION mit dem ESP Test Deck. Die Anleitungs-DVD bringt Ihnen die erstaunlichsten ESP-Effekte und Routinen bei. Der erfahrene Mentalist Rudy T. Hunter wird Ihnen...
£ 32.11 *
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