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Card-Toon von Dan Harlan Zaubertrick
Card Toon 1 - Dan Harland | Zaubertrick
Card-Toon #1 by Dan HarlanQuite possibly the most charming card trick ever invented! A spectator names any card. You then show that each card in your deck has a little stick-figure magician drawn on it. The cards rush by one at a time,...
£ 17.34 *
Card Toon 2 bei Zaubershop Frenchdrop
Card Toon 2 - Dan Harland | Zaubertrick
The spectator is asked to think of any card (no force). The deck is shown to have a stick figure magician on the back, standing in a circus tent, next to a cannon. You riffle the edge of the deck and in a death-defying feat of utter...
£ 17.34 *