Tenyo - The Alchemist | Zaubertrick

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Create a real coin from scratch!   Created by Kenichi Komiya   The...meer
Productinformatie "Tenyo - The Alchemist | Zaubertrick"

Create a real coin from scratch! 
Created by Kenichi Komiya 

The transformation of one object into another is always impressive, but even more so when the object is made of hard, solid metal. The gimmicks used in THE ALCHEMIST produce this baffling magic effect, thanks to the unique features of their materials. The magician transforms a solid metal ball in two stages, until the ball magically becomes a real coin. 

NOTE: The enclosed props allow you to perform this effect with a new American 1 dollar coin, a 2 Euro coin, and a Japanese 500 yen coin. Provide your own coin to use with the enclosed props.

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