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To deal a deck dandy to play a card cruel Gaslight macabre? Caressed by...meer
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To deal a deck dandy to play a card cruel Gaslight macabre? Caressed by Cthulhu Welcome to the Strange Head Society, where the intrigue of classical science-fiction blazes the boilers of grim steampunk style or shall we say deportment? While all manner of science and theory are discussed at Strange Head convocations, no gathering would be complete without a high-stakes game of cards, be it Euchre, Poker, Cribbage, or Hearts. To commemorate this deep tradition, cardist and Strange Head senior-fellow Egor Zoidberg (Egor Klyuchnyk) brings us Strange Head Playing Cards. This beautiful, standard-play deck portrays its royalty not as human figureheads, but as ideas central to the Strange Head Society: cosmology, mortality, and tentacles...lots of tentacles!

Strange Head Playing Cards make the perfect gift for any fan of contemporary steampunk comics and anime, or of steam literature by authors such as Wells, Lovecraft, and Poe.
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