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The Gold & Silver Magic Coins | Zaubertrrick
The Gold & Silver Magic Coins | Zaubertrrick
Show two coins, a gold & silver. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one and place it in your pocket. Open your hand and both coins are still there! Repeating this several times, the coins continue to magically reappear! Finally your...
35,95 € *
Silhouette (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Tobias Dostal
Silhouette (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...
Silhouette (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Tobias Dostal "The use of shadow & light really bring magic to life. This effect will definitely become part of my repertoire." - Cyril Takayama "What Tobias did was literally one of the...
76,95 € *
Astro Sphere bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Astro Sphere (Mini) - Floating Ball Illusion
A silver ball is covered with a transparent cloth. Magically it starts lo levitate. Then it misteriously moves around, behind and even in front of the cloth held by the magician. The audience always loves this beautiful stage effect......
14,90 € *
Röntgenaugen - See Through Blindfold
Röntgenaugen - See Through Blindfold |...
Sie zeigen eigen schwarze Augenbinde und lassen diese im Publikum untersuchen. Lassen Sie ruhig einige der Zuschauer die Binde tragen. Diese werden nichts durch diese kompakte Augenbinde sehen können. Aber wenn Sie diese Augenbinde...
9,95 € *
Floating Table - schwebender Tisch - im Set
Schwebender Tisch - Floating Table
Der Magier sieht einen Tisch auf der Bühne stehen, nimmt ein Tuch und bedeckt diesen. Nach einem Moment der Konzentration schwebt dieser! Erst ein wenig, dann immer mehr! Ein Zuschauer wird auf die Bühne gebeten, dieser soll die die...
110,90 € *
Die große Weckerproduktion bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Die große Wecker Produktion - Production Clocks
Production clocks These alarm clocks, are perfect production items. We supply you with 6 aluminum clocks that you can produce from any place your imagination will suggest to you, to enrich your performances. • Each clock is 14 cm high...
49,90 € *
Profi Stiff Rope 76cm lang bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Profi Stiff Rope Illusion by Mr. Magic |...
Dieser Zaubertrick wird dich an den genialen "Indischen Seiltrick Illusion" erinnern. Du zeigst ein Seil vor, ziehst es zwischen deinen Händen lang und zeigst dass es sich um ein "normales" Seil handelt. Nun hypnotisierst du das Seil....
14,90 € *
Schwert durch Arm - Zaubertrick bei Zaubershop-Frenchdrop
Sword through arm by Vincenzo Di Fatta
Sword through arm by Vincenzo Di Fatta A large metal cuff is put around a spectators arm. A silver sward, is then pushed through the cuff, and apparently right through the spectators arm! The effect is really dramatic, but naturally at...
29,90 € *
Die Illusions-Karten Box - Illusion Card Box
Die Illusions-Karten Box - Illusion Card Box
This prop has a long history: Most people associate this trick to the late great Fred Kapps who used a ring box into which a folded duplicate card was glued. This was one of the highlights of his lecture, where he made it clear that the...
19,90 € * 24,90 € *
Behind the Illusions by JC Sum & "Magic Babe" Ning
Behind the Illusions by JC Sum & "Magic Babe" Ning
In this groundbreaking DVD set, learn the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions through one of the top illusion teams in the world. If you ever wanted to learn how to approach illusion performing, designing and...
55,00 € *
Tenyo - Balloon illusion | Zaubertrick
Tenyo - Balloon illusion | Zaubertrick
Insert a balloon into the tube and pierce it with two solid spikes. The balloon does not "pop" but remains inflated! Show the inside of the tube so that your audience can see two spikes penetrating through the center of the balloon....
39,50 € *
Bill In Egg Illusion - Geldschein in Ei Illusion
Bill In Egg Illusion - Geldschein in Ei Illusion
Bill in Egg - Performance & Instructional DVD George Bradley is back with another incredible illusion. On this DVD, George teaches you how to make any dollar bill or other small object vanish right before your spectators’ eyes and...
19,90 € *
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