Visible (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig Petty and the 1914

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Gib es zu. Du besitzt (oder hattest einmal) ein unsichtbares Kartenspiel . Ein Zuschauer... mehr
Produktinformationen "Visible (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craig Petty and the 1914"

Gib es zu. Du besitzt (oder hattest einmal) ein unsichtbares Kartenspiel.

Ein Zuschauer benennt frei eine Spielkarte, die sofort als die EINZIGSTE umgekehrte Karte im Stapel ist.

Es ist ein sehr beeindruckender Kartentrick!

Aber was ist, wenn wir Ihnen sagen, dass es KEIN Trick ist?

Was wäre, wenn wir Ihnen sagen würden, dass das Invisible Deck ein voll ausgestattetes, rasiermesserscharfes SCHWEIZER ARMEE-MESSER mit „bewusstseinsexplodierenden“ Möglichkeiten ist?

Kartenwunder, die einst nur Meistern der Taschenspielerkunst zugänglich waren, können jetzt in einem Bruchteil der Zeit mit einer Requisite perfektioniert und ausgeführt werden, von der niemand jemals ahnt, dass Sie sie verwenden.

Zu behaupten, dass dieses Projekt nur einen „Magician Foolers“ enthält, ist eine Untertreibung.

Du erhältst ZWEI brandneue Invisible Decks und in der detaillierten Meisterklasse von über 4,5 Stunden (!!!) lernst du:

The best Cards Across we have ever seen. Three freely selected cards teleport from the deck to a small stack your spectator is holding. Even the world's greatest sleight of hand artists can't replicate a Cards Across THIS clean! Confession: We were fooled.

Two decks of contrasting colours share a symbiotic relationship; whatever happens to one deck, instantly happens to the other. The presentational angles are endless: from psychic twins to voodoo decks.

Invisible Aces
A thought-of card appears in between the four aces that your spectator is guarding. There isn't even a full deck in play. Everyone loves a Four Ace routine and this one FRIES!

Celeb Prediction
Your spectator thinks of a celebrity and is asked what they think their celebrity's favourite card might be. Impossibly, it transpires that both the celebrity AND their favourite card were predicted ahead of time - the celebrity's name is actually written on the chosen card itself!

Mate Deck
Two randomly selected cards come together in a deck you never even touch! The hands-off presentation makes this one look truly impossible.

Future Self
A genius time-travel presentation for the classic invisible deck routine which involves hilarious phone calls made to and from your future and present self. Your mobile phone will literally ring mid-way through your performance to tell you the card your spectator will name.

A thought-of number appears written on the back of a thought-of card. A play on the holy grail of magic; this isn't "any card at any number", but rather "any number at any card". The best part? They never even name their card out loud!

Condition Transpo
This takes the two card transposition one step further. This is a two DECK transposition! But it's not the decks themselves that switch places, but the CONDITION of the decks. (Trust us, it's good)

Time Prediction
An easy yet meticulously thought-out method allows you to reveal not only a thought of playing card, but a precise time written on the very same card!

A staple of mentalism applied to a single deck. You tell the tale of a fateful Poker game you once played. Your audience freely guides the story, correctly naming not only the outcome of the game but the winning card and the time the game took place.

Paper Bag Triumph
You place a deck of cards in a paper bag and give it to your spectator to shake. It creates a massive mess! Cards are up-side down, face-to-face, back-to-back and everything in between. Your spectator is asked to name any card. Instantly and impossibly, every card in the deck returns to face the same way again. All except for the precise card they freely named!

Do as I do
Your spectator turns a card over in the deck out of sight under the table. You do the same. Against all odds, the two cards match. This is a classic of card magic with a noticeable improvement: the magician removes their card first. A complete re-working of a 20th century classic.

For those new to the Invisible deck, Craig will show you just how easy it is to perform. He will also teach you his EVEN EASIER handling than the original that requires NO mental mathematics whatsoever.

Furthermore, Craig offers pragmatic suggestions and solutions to pretty much any questions or concerns relating to the Invisible Deck you can possibly think of.

Fall in love with the world's greatest trick deck all over again and unleash the explosive hidden potential of the Invisible Deck today!

"Visible is an expansive, enigmatic, explosion of ideas that leaves you a bit shell shocked!"
Lloyd Barnes

"No longer a one-trick pony, this course turns the Invisible Deck from a single trick into a valuable system that you will want to use at every opportunity"
Alan Rorrison

"I don't think there's a person alive who has put more thought into this classic prop. Visible is not only impressive as hell, but also incredibly inspiring. Symbiotic has already gone directly into my close up set! A real wealth of material with a fresh new approach."
Adam Wilber

"Honestly, if I didn't know in advance you were using an Invisible Deck, I would have been fooled by most of this!"
Michael O'Brien

"Craig has generated a plethora of strong new effects using this classic tool"
Marc Oberon

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