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Legend - A ghost Story by Steve Fearson
Legend - A Ghost Story | Zaubertrick
Legend - A Ghost Story | Zaubertrick Sprechen Sie seinen Namen dreimal laut und er wird erscheinen. Dies ist die Legende von Pancho Diablo. Steve Fearsons neueste Veröffentlichung ist eine CloseUp-Animations- und Schwebe-Illusion wie...
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Web Spinner - The All-In-One Thread Device!
Web Spinner - The All-In-One Thread Device!
Spin a Web, Anytime. Catch Applause, Gasps and Sighs with... Amazing JoeJoe’s Web Spinner The All-In-One Thread Device Presented by Steve Fearson If you’ve been waiting for the gimmick that would take the fear out of thread work and get...
19,90 € *
Thread Bullets DVD - Steve Fearson - Vectra Line
Thread Bullets DVD - Steve Fearson - Vectra Line
It's Thread Magic like you've never seen it before! Over two decades ago Steve Fearson blazed the trail, charted the course and set the world of thread magic in motion with his famous Fearson Hookup. Today, Fearson's Thread Bullets are...
29,90 € *
Vectra Line DVD - Thread Work
Vectra - Super strong Invisible Thread DVD
Vectra Super Strong Invisible Line enables you to do things that simply can not be done with any other thread. This video will show you exactly what makes Vectra Line so special. Here are just a few of the things you’ll see: The amazing...
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Eve Vectra Elastic Steve Fearson
EVE - Fearson's Triple Vectra™ Elastic...
3VE stands for Triple Vectra™ Elastic. We call it EVE. It does miracles. EVE is made from the most elastic fiber known to man and is pressure-dyed black with a true matte finish for the ultimate in invisibility. EVE is comparable in...
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Vectra Line Super Strong invisible Thread
Fearson's Vectra™ Line Super Strong Invisible...
This is the dawn of a new era in levitations. Never break your thread again! Steve Fearson's Vectra Line is the strongest invisible thread ever offered to the magic community. A single strand can hold nearly 1/4 POUND! That's a full deck...
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E-Z Strip Thread Steve Fearson
The Original John Haar E-Z Strip Thread
This is the most invisible thread we carry and as far as we know, the most invisible thread on the market. Strong enough to hold a playing card, dollar bill or cigarette easily, yet nearly IMPOSSIBLE to see! And just like the name says,...
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Fearson´s Thread Bullets
Fearson's Thread Bullets - Vectra Line
Do you want to get into thread work but don't know how to start? Are you a worker who just doesn't have the time to mess with thread and the complicated devices that go along with it? We have exactly what you're looking for... Fearson's...
10,00 € *
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